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Vol. 03 Issue 01, 2023

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Title: Design and Stress Analysis of Spur Gear Using Ansys and SolidWorks   

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Abstract: Gears are currently the world’s most prevalent and widely used mechanical parts. The surface stresses of the spur gear are one of the most significant causes of gear failure in a gear system. This study examined a spur gear pair’s contact stresses to determine the maximum pressure on the gear teeth. The Lewis equation is used to compute the maximum allowable stress for Gear, and contact stresses are estimated using the Hertz contact stress equation. These results are compared with Finite Element Analysis (software-based results). Different Gear materials such as copper, Cast Iron (Gray), and aluminum are tested and studied here. The spur gears are designed in Gear Trax software and then imported and meshed in SolidWorks and Ansys software separately, and after that, simulation is performed on the gears in both softwares. The results confirmed that contact stress computed using the analytical approach (Hertz equation) is equable to the FEA results of SolidWorks and Ansys, having a low percentage error value.    

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Title: Natural Light and Colour in Architecture: A Means of Space Composition in Art Buildings.

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