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Vol 01 Issue 01, 2021

                                                                                          Volume Published on 25-07-2021

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Title: Comparative Study and Design of outer body drag of Conventional Side-View Mirror and Vortex Side Camera using CFD

Year: 2021  Abstract              Full Paper       [Download]           Page: 4-20 

Abstract: The aim of this paper is the reduction of drag on the side mirror of a sedan vehicle using vortex shape side camera design and its CFD study. With the recent increase in competition in the automobile sector, aerodynamically induced drag affects the performance of vehicle due to change in parameters such as drag forces which play a significant role at high speed. The side mirror, a vital part of a vehicle outer body, should not only provide better visibility but also an aerodynamically optimized for better fuel efficiency. Therefore, we designed a vortex shape side camera for urban passenger vehicle, which is not only an aerodynamically optimized but also provide wide view angle and better visibility even in bad weather. We also made a comparative study drag coefficient of side camera and conventional side mirror using the CFD tool. The geometries of the camera, side mirror and vehicle outer body designed in a 3D CAD program that is SolidWorks and CFD analysis was performed using the SolidWorks Flow Simulation tool. Side mirror, being bulky and bluff body, face a large amount of drag and reduce fuel efficiency. Vortex shape side camera will provide better fuel efficiency and visibility while improving the mileage of the vehicle.

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Title: Impact of Intellectual Capital of Financial Performance

Year: 2021  Abstract              Full Paper  [Download]             Page: 21-43

Abstract: Intellectual capital has been recognized as an important tool for firms to take a competitive advantage. This study has taken intellectual capital and its effects on the returns from equity and assets. For this sake, the data from the audited financial statements of 25 companies, listed on the Karachi Stock Exchange, for the period 2007-2012 is taken. The Pulic (1998) VAIC model and regression technique is used to analyze results. The results show that the Value Added Intellectual Capital (VAIC) has a positive and significant relationship with ROA and ROE. As for the components of VAIC, i.e. Human Capital, Structural Capital and Capital Employed, the Value Added Human Capital (VAHC) has a positive and significant relationship with ROE and ROA. This study implies the importance of human capital on the value addition of the companies.

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Title: Solid Waste Management: An Integrated Approach towards Sustainability in Multan

Year: 2021  Abstract         Full Paper          [Download]         Page: 44-70

Abstract: In 21st Century waste is not a new problem. It has been continuing and considered as significant problem at global level. Production of municipal solid waste in Multan is an alarming rate that is 0.5 kg/capita/day. In recent census the population of Multan is 2 million and nearly municipal solid waste is producing in a range of 1000 tons every day. One person produces waste that is 1.5 kilo per day on an individual basis. Quantity of waste has been generated due to the rapid increase of economic activity that indulges population growth, rising living standards, urbanization and industrialization. The concern study areas are: Madni Park, Chowk Kumharan Wala and Jinnah Park of Multan city. To evaluate solid waste management an integrated approach towards sustainability various survey tools; Interviews and focus group discussions were conducted by director, human resource manager, operation manager and monitoring officer to obtain qualitative and quantitative information. For qualitative information questionnaire filled by sanitary supervisor to the concerned sectors. For assessment of results Ms-Excel and software of IBM SPSS Statistics Version 21 are utilized. To fulfill certain objectives carry out comprehensive WACS (Waste Analysis and Characterization Study). In view of this study the primary result shows that waste picker has an important role in our society. By initiating sustainable technologies, capacity development, latest working pattern and through well performance by management of human resource department as well as sanitary workers issue will be resolved in an effective and efficient way.

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Title: Nonlinear Structure Under Righi-Leduc Effect in Ion Temperature Gradient Driven Modes for Electron-Ion Magneto-Plasma

Year: 2021  Abstract             Full Paper  [Download]              Page: 71-86

Abstract: These observation related to the properties of the turbulence driven ion heat flux is presented. Nonlinear and nonlinear solutions in the form of soliton and shock show that these structures in presence of ion heat flux modify in the electron ion magnetized plasma. The present study might have its importance in energy confinement devices such as tokamak, because the heat flux observed experimentally in tokamak plasma is much higher than those ascribed by collisions. Further, it could be useful to understand the nonlinear electrostatic excitations in stellar and interstellar medium.

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Title: Evaluation of Optimal bio-methane Potential of Cuscuta japonica: Weed Control

Year: 2021  Abstract             Full Paper  [Download]              Page: 87-100

Abstract: Invasive weeds have been a constant threat to Kenyan ecosystem endurance with ecosystem with trees being greatly affected which might cause species loss. The growth of Cuscuta japonica is spreading fast, which could be attributed to factors such as climate variability, transmission agents i.e. water, people and birds making it even hard to control. Substrate collection was done mechanically before being chopped and chemically pre-treated. Elemental composition found was used in calculating theoretical methane potential found to be 577.71 mL CH4 VS added. TS, VS, TOC obtained were 13.76% (w/w), 12.60% (w/w) and 41% DM respectively. The BMP study was done in a batch assay process with the use of bioreactors where the carbon dioxide was removed, and the final gas produced was only methane. The number of runs used in this experiment was 9 and the factors were determined by Design Expert 13 i.e. Central Composite Design (CCD). The highest specific cumulative methane yield produced was 571.00 mL CH4 g- VS added at ratios 2.5:1 with the highest biogas produced per gram of VS being 112.00 mL CH4 g- VS added. (2:1) making it a prime substrate for bio gas production, making it one of the potential candidates for Cuscuta japonica control management.

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